A book says

Whn u walk to the black bookshlf I get excited that u gona pick me.

N whn I feel ur touch I open and surrender myslf completely.U might be touching me bt Its actually me…. touching ur life.

I am a window which shows u the world ……m ur eyes m ur ears. U often leave me and listen to ur ipod tht time dear….. m weeping and shouting fr ur attention bt u r deaf with the stupid “Munni song……

My eyes are waiting fr u all day long ,thn days get weeks n weeks become months……. My patience is tested so …. I decide …… Its time to go…..I take the jump…. to the floor…. nw m nt a book but just few papers on the floor….. Bt here u come back again and I m back again in ur hands……its all worth taking tht jump …..cos I land in ur hand whr I was suppose to stand….. Nvr treat my friends as u did to me…. Meet thm regularly cos thts wat books are made to be…..165856_4301311736133_2036165539_a


Press 1 for instant Impression

Hi…writing after long training took all my time….

The other day i was immersed in a thought why do we spend so much on Gucccis and Armanis ….. i agree its great quality stuff but thats not the only reason…. n u know the answer better than me.

Its said… “Why u buy is equally important to What you buy…..”

To make an instant impression is the only good reason i find for all these spends.

Intervention………… i have some thing to say here….. are these crocodiles(Lacoste),Eagles(Armani),pair of eggs(Gucci) sufficient?

I feel no….not even to show that ur dad has a “blond secretary”(a symbol of super rich) because u have great seconds stuff in the flea market, which give u bang for the buck and have the same shiny logos as originals.I am not anti brands i love them too.

But what i believe is there is a universe beyond this and thats the reason why sometimes a random Chaiwala or Chotu’s ‘one liner’ leaves a striking impression on u.Lets discuss this now….the art of making instant positive impressions….first and foremost the energy level does it all, how delighted u are meeting the other person ? the moment u meet someone they just judge your energy levels subconsciously(imagine in the first meet with a fake smile  other person is handing u over a big silver tip of thermometer kind of thing instead of his hand and you hold it and there is are digits flashed in his head indicating ur energy levels).

Now how to have high energy levels, a quick tip always speak in a volume 5% more than the ambience noise, going above 10% would make u look a Loud Punjabi…. lol

Second and more powerful one especially helpful for informal setups, behave just the opposite what your profession shouts about you and then see the magic happening.Doctors are generally taken as serious specie i am sure u wont mind to visit a doc with a witty one liner on his cabin door, and u would love to hire a DJ to play for your party who looked like a banker(perfectly dressed) in the first meet.

I am a trainer speaking all day long and the most obvious thing expected from me is talk….talk….talk…. but to people surprise i am the one who is always listening and observing the clients’ needs and seldom say few words and fortunately always made a lasting impression.


Wrapping up, there are people who are using these techniques unconsciously.

Remember that Chotu who had a spark in the eyes and dance in his walk who narrated u his skyrocketing dreams in a line from the lips which always smiled.

Plan B

Its a very interesting subject, want to know why ok answer me….

Should a person always have a plan B in life?

I mean an option a patli gali if his primary plan does not work, he has some thing to resort too ,an escape.

Basically a stepney , like a stepney friend or a stepney girl friend or a stepney job or business basically anything.

Now many management pandits say one should have a Plan B cos you never know what’s around the corner and a smart manager is one who SWOTs before Starts.

But our dear optimistic aunt (Rhonda Bryne, author The Secret)  says “if u are thinking negative you are attracting it” so Plan B is what …. Planing to fail right…

Now its getting interesting and confusing , smile if u agree …. Cmon smile Now..

Moving on, so what about people like us who are exposed to such contradicting principles and ideologies , on one side of the seesaw we have dozens on mngmnt gurus who have made many Fortune 500’s  and other side the heavy weight aunt Rhonda who has made her Fortune with this millennium’s  top bestseller.

Let’s wipe the slate clean , stop the neurons striking in your brain n  focus on this,
Have u  visited a circus, u see acrobats swinging and transporting from one platform to another like Mogli of junglebook.
Now the first platform from where he started is where u are now and platform where he landed is where u want to be.

So the Plan A is to swing his way from one  platform to another  which he does swiftly neatly and effortlessly but there is a Plan B in place as well watch closely and the  Plan B is the safety net below him.

That’s what a circus teaches us  with a smile ,  the real  place of Plan B in our life , knowing it but never focusing on it.
If the acrobats would have focused on the net he would have landed there, like many of us focus on the net and get strangled to death.

Treat ur A Plan as THE Plan n stay positive.

be lonely be lovely

The moment you read the tittle, with the word lonely i know what popped first the gloom the blues, you sunk in your bed in your low lit room in pajamas and juggling with the gadgets and remote.

That’s what i want to talk about at length here LONELY:  looking from outside neutrally

We guys are too occupied it seems but most of the times we are occupied cos we want to, a hard fact many people can’t stay alone as their jury sitting inside them bangs the hammer so hard that they can’t bear the noise n they just escape into noisy environment so that hammers howling fades away.

As you have heard empty mind is devils abode not adobe lol
exactly but only when you have not sown the seeds of love faith play n gratitude.
When these seeds are in place you give them nutrition which is time and efforts, in the sense of introspection.

When you introspect you have to be alone in peace and at peace so that you can listen to the inner whispers these whispers can become hammers depending on your conscious thoughts.

The chain goes like this, thoughts become actions n actions done repeatedly becomes your habit n habits clubbed make your character n hence your destiny.
Now apply this cycle in a typical Hindu arrange marriage match making phase, if the guy has bad habits that decides his character and hence decides his destiny that which girl he gets, silly but true.

getting back to introspection , when ever you point anyone with one finger you know rest of them are pointing at you but have we ever thought about it literally if yes, why do we say ” sorry will b late i am stuck in traffic” dude you are never stuck in traffic you are traffic.

Being alone gives you lot of patience which is the biggest antidote to stress, stress and patience are like Rakhi sawant and decency.Patience increase as your answers to the curious mind improves, when you pause you stop and take a time out from the “who wants to be the millionaire rat race” this pit stop is nothing less than the F1 race pit stop it just refuels you to get that neck wrecking acceleration.

LONELY: Looking from Outside Neutrally and Even Loving Yourself

So if you are the blessed ones who are alone often, be grateful that
you can be alone as the purity inside is letting you be.
Love yourself is labelled cliché but To know & understand The WORLD, Keep your Eyes OPEN; To know & understand YOURSELF, Keep your Eyes CLOSED.

Always remember buddy if you want to feel what a real satisfaction is start loving yourself by saying out loud ‘i love myself’ because then their will be very few like you and you gonna emit love everywhere like a

next time when you are planning to step out of your loneliness just ask your self …Have i been LONELY aptly?.

Vamp revamped

Vamps are generally slow motion shot drenched in foundation (makeup) women in daily soaps, courtesy of them these kind of series survive for decades & we men get evening headaches.

But this vamp is here to stay Sudha Chandran the “Ramola Sikand”  who blew up ‘Bindi’ to the size of traffic light has shown many the green signal to a fulfilling  life.

She was a born dancer and at the age of 16 was all set to leapfrog her dancing career and then came the dooms day which literally took away the right leg of this dancing beauty it was like fish out of water feeling for Sudha. After years of self curse and gloom Sudha found some Dr Patel in jaipur has a key to her amputated life, the Jaipur foot (prosthetic foot) brought a boat broad smile on her face & her eyes became happy sprinklers of the garden.

She asked the doc with a quivering voice “Can i walk and run with this ?”
Doc shook his head up & down.
The second and an obvious one “Can i dance?”
The doc removed his specs and smiled which brought a twinkle in her eyes.

Sudha was back tying ‘Ghungrus’ on both the ankles, months after practice & one legged blood baths she was on stage with her pair of legs performing in front of 1000 pair of eyes.(Video Sudha performing http://tiny.cc/pgj1fw)

The show started with applause and ended with never ending standing ovation, the doc among the audience hurried to Sudha to greet her, but Sudha gave all her credit to his Jaipur foot.

Dr. Patel said “Dear when you asked Can i dance? ,you misunderstood my smile.The Jaipur foot was never designed to dance.”

“We humans were never designed to quit.Any GOAL is an acronym Giving Over n over Again till the Last

This ironlady has proved again the age old saying “What ever the human mind will conceive, it will achieve.”

The human The Hulk The Mind

Its my first blog makes me feel i am a man now who can write on a subject which is very close to my heart and life.

Human mind is a gadget whos manual is still unpublished or can say there is no final manuscript as well, i would make a humble try to clear some mist on the topic.

When i started studying about this subject i read zillions of times that we have unlimited power but never really understood the true meaning of it, unlimited, how is it possible you mean to say no limits!! meaning i can bend metal with 2 fingers.

But i realised it only when i had a deep dive in the subject that yes its possible for any human to do anything just one ingredient is a must for it & thats FAITH not on someone else but yourself.

In 1954 running a 4min. mile was tagged impossible there were studies showing humans lungs are not made to pump out enough oxygen doctors said our knees will dislocate if that much pressure is applied for such a long time, but one man was unaffected to all this Rogger banister ran 4min mile in 1954 how it was possible you know, because doctors faith on science & researches was lesser than Roggers faith on himself and to no surprise 5 more athletes ran in the year following.

You know why its no surprise because we humans love benchmarks if somebody has done it we believe we may do it.

Be your own benchmark…..be your own hero.